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Mortgage Loans

First Mortgage Programs
Purchase a new home or refinance your existing loan with one of our many loan programs.  Our programs include loans with as little as no down payments, loans with and without escrows for taxes and insurance, and loans without mortgage insurance.  Whether you are a first time buyer, self-employed business owner, or an existing homeowner wanting to buy up or cash out on your present residence, we have the programs to fit just about every need.  Please call our mortgage loan department at 815-942-0130 or click here and leave us a message and we'll get back with you.

Construction Loans
Got plans?  From foundation to finish, you create the home, we'll construct the loan.  We offer loans that take you through the construction phase of your home right through to the permanent financing you will need once your project is complete.  If you are thinking of building a home please contact us, we are a great place to begin...and end.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
These types of loans are ideal for your home improvements and other consumer expenses.  Our equity line of credit offers you the flexibility of borrowing money without coming into the bank each time to sign papers.  You can draw on your equity line by writing a check drawn on the line. Please call one of our loan officers or e-mail us and find out how you can secure an equity line of credit.  Rates and terms will vary depending on the amount of line and how much equity you have in your home.

Fixed Term Home Equity Loans / Second Mortgages
Just like our equity lines of credit, this type of loan is ideal for home improvements and other consumer expenses.  For those customers who want a payment that does not change, a home equity loan may be the answer.  We offer various terms and rates on these types of loans, so you should call or e-mail Grundy Bank.

Lot Loans
One of the best lot loans available is waiting for you at Grundy Bank.  We offer fast loan approvals.  Call us at (815)942-0130 or e-mail us for more information.

All loans are subject to credit approval. 
Loans listed are only a summary of our products.